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SkyFitness AM&PM

We practice Size/Age separation. You may not be able to jump directly next to the people who you are with, regardless of relation.

Online tickets are non-refundable and cannot be changed to a different time.
A Valid ELECTRONIC WAIVER is required to jump. This can be filled out online or in person at a Digital Waiver Kiosk.

SkySocks will be required to jump at Sky Zone. Previously purchased pairs can be re-used without additional purchase. Sky Socks are $2 per pair and can be purchased in person or online.

-Sky Zone is not responsible for missed jump due to late arrivals
-Passes are not redeemable for online ticket purchases
-Open Jump times are subject to availability

You are about to purchase tickets for Sky Zone in PLYMOUTH, MINNESOTA.

If you do not have a printer please write down the order number and we can look your tickets up at the store! A valid electronic waiver is required to jump.

-There is a $1 reservation fee per ticket purchased

Please select a date and time

Reservations require a newly completed waiver for each participant (Under 18 must have waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian).



All sales are final. All ticket purchases can not be refunded or exchanged for different times. 

Please arrive 30 minutes early to ensure timely check-in.
Sky Zone monitors reserve the right to separate participants by age/size for safety, and Ultimate Dodgeball cannot be guaranteed